AWAKEN is an intensive workshop compromised of multiple courses.

You’ll be able to work at your own pace and complete these courses online.

Calming Your Nervous System

The first course in the AWAKEN program
$CAD196+tax/ course
  • Downloadable audio content
  • Guided Meditations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Research backed information

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

Hi, I’m Bria!

And I’m OBSESSED with the MIND-BODY CONNECTION. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and I have been working as a Therapist while also running my personal training business on the side, until recently, after 3 years of being a Personal Trainer, I decided that I wanted to focus solely on my work as a Therapist.

I have been on a journey to heal my own body and my relationship to food, fitness, and body image. In September 2021 I launched my podcast The Better Bodies Podcast which has been incredibly transformational. I’ve learned so much through important conversations, learning from others, trial and error, and my own mental health work in therapy, mediation, and journaling.

I’m so happy that you’re here to begin this journey!

Course Lessons

Calming Your Nervous System

Intensive Workshop Intro