Why you’re feeling like it’s just one thing after another…

We were built to manage and handle acute stress, yes – believe it or not, a little bit of stress can actually be good for us. But chronic stress, day in and day out- we were not built, gifted, or equipped to live with the impact of long-term stress. When everything seems like it needsContinue reading “Why you’re feeling like it’s just one thing after another…”

For the woman trying to conceive, the new mother, and moms with children under 12 months…

There have always been challenges to overcome when trying to get pregnant, managing your hormones, being a new mother, and in the first year of getting into the swing of things (not to mention the rest of your life). In today’s climate, there are a few additional stressors and difficulties that can add to theContinue reading “For the woman trying to conceive, the new mother, and moms with children under 12 months…”

4 Skills Kids Have That Adults Have Forgotten

In my experience, if something is bugging you, then you probably need to dive a little deeper and learn from it While skating last night it became evident to me that the adult to child ratio was like 1:3, I felt annoyed but couldn’t figure out why because I love seeing parents get their kids outdoors,Continue reading “4 Skills Kids Have That Adults Have Forgotten”

How to create a BALANCED relationship with fitness

Excessive exercise can lead to detrimental effects on physical and mental health, ANNDDDDD, a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to adverse health effects. What on earth are we to do? How do we find balance between the two?… So much research has been done on the impact of having little physical activity in your life,Continue reading “How to create a BALANCED relationship with fitness”

Holistic Healing

We’ve spent so much time as a collective focusing on health as it appears from the outside we have skin creams and eye serums, nail salons, hair balayage, eyelash extensions, waist trainers, and green juice– but the truth is, you can’t tell how ‘healthy’ someone is purely by their aesthetics and appearance. As the sayingContinue reading “Holistic Healing”

Let’s talk attachment styles…

How the fuck are you supposed to heal your relationship with yourself (body image, psychological healing, fitness, food, trauma, and more) and also be able to relate to others and overcome conflict in all of your relationships and find time for leisure, fun, and joy without wanting to curl up in a little ball!? AttachmentContinue reading “Let’s talk attachment styles…”

Mindfulness for Binge Eating

So many women struggle with binge eating, yep – that’s right, you’re not alone! Did you know that studies have shown: People who binge eat tend to be overthinkers Overthinking can lead to difficulty with decision making Binge eating doesn’t mean that you lack self-control or that you’ve failed Bingeing is a biological response toContinue reading “Mindfulness for Binge Eating”

Normalizing Bodies: A Poem by Bria

They grow, they shrink, they burp, they fart but hold up girl, your body is a work of art. You carried that baby. You ran that race. Who cares about the pimple on your face. Your breath may smell, and same with your pits, sometimes, you might even get the shits. Your thighs may chafe,Continue reading “Normalizing Bodies: A Poem by Bria”

Why Targeted Weight Loss is a Load of BS

Let me start with something that you already know, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Let me give you my unapologetic opinion on this one. There is no specific diet or exercise regimen that will make you look like Suzy-Anne on Instagram because she is not you and you are not her. It takes a mindset shift toContinue reading “Why Targeted Weight Loss is a Load of BS”