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[SOLO PEP TALK] Finding yourself when faced with relationship issues & triggers The Better Boundaries Podcast

If you keep finding yourself to be struggling emotionally and feeling reactive and triggered by others frequently, this episode is the wake up call that you need. In this podcast episode, I walk you through a journaling exercise to help you get clear on your past patterns of behaviour and attachment wounding that might be keep you stuck in certain relational dynamics in your life. Plus – I share tips and tricks on how to manage your emotions when feeling emotionally triggered, activated, and out of balance and alignment with yourself.In today's episode, I chat about:JournalingAttachment stylesSelf-careGroundingAnxiety and discomfortRelationshipsMy Current Reading List:The Myth of Normal (Non-Fiction)The Coddling of the American Mind (Non-Fiction)The Irreducible Needs of Children (Non-Fiction)The Last Invitation (Fiction)Bria Wannamaker, Support the show, buy COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Website: Discount code: BRIA10 As always, please remember that these podcast episodes are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical healthcare or mental healthcare. Podcasts are available as an educational and entertainment resource and are not advice, recommendations, or suggestions. Please seek out the necessary professional services if you require assistance.
  1. [SOLO PEP TALK] Finding yourself when faced with relationship issues & triggers
  2. [INTERVIEW] Setting Boundaries in a Passive Aggressive Family
  3. [INTERVIEW] Birth, Parenting, & Healing
  4. [INTERVIEW] Intuition & Alignment
  5. Jess Clerke on reclaiming your authenticity


“This is beautiful. The way she is so REAL!”

– Laura M

“Raw, authentic, admirable. Thank you for bringing us on your journey. I support you, and love you.”

Hanna V.

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