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Codependency Episode 1/4: Body Image & Health The Better Bodies Podcast

This episode is the first in this 4 part series which will include codependency as it relates to: 1) your health and body image, 2) your work, 3) your family, and 4) your friendships and romantic relationships. In today's episode  I jammed on:The difference between Passive Codependents (person A) and Active Codependents (person B)How to be the thermometer and show up as yourself versus being the thermostat and adjusting to everyone elseWhat can you do to begin to shift your behaviours if you identify as either person A or person BHow codependency can have an impact on your health, body image, and recovery from disordered relationships with food and fitnessFor more on Codependency, check out these resources!Blog Article: https://briawannamaker.com/2022/08/03/codependency-health-anxiety/Course on Codependency: https://mark-groves.mykajabi.com/crushing-codependencyConnect with your host:Website: http://www.briawannamaker.comInstagram: @bria.wannamakerTikTok: @bria.wannamakerSupport the show, buy COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Website: http://www.ethicalbean.comDiscount code: BRIA10
  1. Codependency Episode 1/4: Body Image & Health
  2. My Mom on Moving Through Overwhelm, Panic & Life Transitions
  3. Guided meditation for when you're feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed
  4. Sex & Intimacy Coach, Irene Fehr, on Connecting to Your Body and Owning Your Sexuality
  5. How to Tell if Your Partner is Controlling + Attachment Styles, Trauma, and Self-Esteem


“This is beautiful. The way she is so REAL!”

– Laura M

“Raw, authentic, admirable. Thank you for bringing us on your journey. I support you, and love you.”

Hanna V.

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