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Trailer: Season 3 Coming January 2023! The Better Boundaries Podcast

We can love more fully, be in truth, and feel more authentic when we set boundaries. Boundaries help us to feel safe and secure while we navigate our lives, endeavors, and relationships. This podcast is all about wellness, spirituality, relationships, and mental health including trauma, attachment styles, and more. I'm so looking forward to bringing these incredible interviews and solo episodes to you as an educational resource.This podcast is not a substitute for mental health care or medical health care. If you're experiencing challenges with your mental health please seek out the necessary services to support your wellbeing.Bria Wannamaker, Support the show, buy COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Website: Discount code: BRIA10
  1. Trailer: Season 3 Coming January 2023!
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  3. Exciting update!!!
  4. Guided meditation for your soul
  5. The number one reason you're feeling so emotionally triggered


“This is beautiful. The way she is so REAL!”

– Laura M

“Raw, authentic, admirable. Thank you for bringing us on your journey. I support you, and love you.”

Hanna V.

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