What the final full moon in 2022 means for you

Author: Bria Wannamaker

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming New Year!

I invite you to get grounded in your body prior to reading this, we often breathe in our chests and take shallow breaths which induces a sense of panic (hyperventilation). Take the time to breathe deeply, allowing your diaphragm to fill with air, hold at the top, and release it all, just let it go before you breathe deeply once more.

We often look externally for the answers, opportunities, and possibilities, so I want to remind you that, sometimes we have the answers within and as beneficial as it is to lean on others for support and guidance, it’s also OK to pause, reflect, and to turn inward to foster a sense of safety within yourself and to connect with yourself. We have the ability to return back to our body, back to our breath, back to our mind, back to our beingness.

December 7th at 11:08 PM the full moon was in Gemini and continues to remain in Gemini until Friday December 9th. This is a time to be social, outgoing, try new things, adventure, and lean into messiness knowing that you don’t have to be perfect; life can be chaotic and it’s OK if you feel overwhelmed or “scatterbrained”, Gemini is an air sign and can bring about these feelings and experiences. Get grounded by spending time in nature or meditating when you are feeling disconnected with yourself.

Also, the sun, earth, moon, and mars were all in one straight line (called mars in opposition) – this won’t happen again for over 2 years! Use this as a time to get into alignment with yourself and to shed some light onto what in your life you may be focusing too much attention on that you need to hide, put away, or take a break from momentarily to regain connection with yourself and your life’s purpose.

It’s time to reflect, observe, sit in stillness, and lean into discomfort rather than running from it.

Steps to take to begin to heal emotional wounds

  1. RECOGNIZE your behavioural patterns & habits that are continuing to cause you discomfort and dis-ease
  2. REFLECT on if these patterns and habits are what you have created in your life or if you have picked these behaviours up from other people or past experiences
  3. JOURNAL out what emotional baggage is yours and what is not. What can you take ownership of and feel empowered to shift within your life? What pressures, expectations, and limitations belong to other people – what can you let go if?
  4. FORGIVE yourself for staying stuck for so long, for engaging in behaviours, patterns, and habits that are no longer working for you. Forgive yourself for feeling safer in the discomfort of the known rather than living in the wonder and the grichness of the unknown – human beings are wired to for survival, it goes against our biological nature to seek opportunities for growth, change, and actualizaton – but isn’t that what we’re alwll really looking for?
  5. MOVE your body, move through fear, move through what’s been keeping you held prisoner – remember, do not let your life’s circumstances be your life’s sentence. You have to believe. That is a beautiful place to start and to harness the energy of this magical season of holiday cheer, festive spirit, connection and community. Believe again in magic, believe again in yourself, believe again in possibility and step into what’s next for you.

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