Indecision is a Decision

By: Bria Wannamaker

Couldn’t think of any content for today’s post, so I wrote you a poem about feelings of resistance, discomfort, and uncertainty regarding growth and change. – Bria

Stuck in habits and patterns too; feeling like you’re in quicksand, or drowning in glue.

Anxiety, depression, and stress will leave you feeling like a mess; but don’t forget, your potential is endless.

Porous boundaries and an abundance of ambivalence, will lead you to feelings of insignificance.

Lack of aligned action will lead to an emotional reaction.

Though indifference may be intended for other’s contentment, it will only lead you to feelings of resentment.

Panic and hypervigilance will leave you feeling drained, it’s time to rest and recharge so that you can initiate real change.

Indecision is a decision in itself; make the choice, be the change, create confidence within yourself.

I invite you to listen to the guided mindfulness meditation below, use this as a reset during your day to get grounded and to reconnect with yourself. This is one of the components of my Intensive Workshops, AWAKEN: Calming Your Nervous System – details are below. This is perfect if you feel like you never get a break, you can’t slow down or you’ll fall behind, your brain is full of little tiny things that feel insanely overwhelming and heavy, and if you haven’t felt present in your life in a long time.

AWAKEN is a series of online Intensive Workshops work-at-your-own pace courses. Workshops include education, video and audio content, guided meditation practices, journaling exercises, and more!

The pre-sale is from Thursday August 25, 2022 -Thursday September 1, 2022 and during this pre-sale, all workshops will be half price which is $98 plus tax each. On September 2, 2022 courses will return to their regular rate $196 plus tax each. 

  • Intensive Workshop: Calming Your Nervous System (Launches September 1)
  • Intensive Workshop: Addressing Emotions, Exercise, and Eating (Launches September 15)
  • Intensive Workshop: Healing Your Body (Launches September 29)

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