Hopping Back Onto Your Path

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By: Bria Wannamaker

Sometimes life can feel like it would be great to start with a blank slate, it can feel cloudy, messy, and chaotic. An argument with your partner, a moment where you feel irritated with your co-workers, a night where you stay up waaayyyyy past the bedtime that you had set for yourself, a day when you eat to the point of discomfort, another moment of panic, stress, and anxiety, even though you had 4 days of being able to manage your symptoms really well.

We feel like a vacation will fix it, a good night’s sleep will fix it, an intense, sweaty workout will fix it, some alone time will fix it; even after all of the efforts that we put in place to maintain that sense of balance, homeostasis, control, and perfectionism – things can still seem jumbled.

We actually don’t need fixing.

Life is not linear, though we try to make it that way with milestones, systems, and order. But, can we attune to our needs in any given moment? Can we allow and attune to the certain flow of life, the natural wave of ups and downs, the constant movement forward, and receding, forward, and receding? There’s the climbing to the peak of the mountain to get a better look at the trail and enjoy the view from up there. There’s the pausing and looking at the map and re-evaluating your path. There’s the Winter with rest and hibernation, there’s the Spring with budding and growth, there’s the Summer with flourishing and prosper, there’s the Autumn with shedding and preparation.

Nature knows what’s up.

If you’re feeling stuck, think of stagnant water.

  • You might have feelings of panic, fatigue or lethargy.
  • Ask yourself: “what does stagnant water need in order to move again?” – is it a change of environment? External assistance to get to where it’s going?
  • What do you need in order to move again?

If you’re feeling lost, picture that person hiking on the trail.

  • You might have feelings of depression, confusion, and loneliness.
  • Ask yourself: “what does the person on the trail need?” – is it a rest? A new perspective? To move to higher ground? To call for help?
  • What do you need in order to find your way again?

If you’re feeling incredible, picture those waves flowing and receding.

  • You might experience feelings of fear, that when something is good or great – that it can’t possibly last and that you might lose it.
  • Ask yourself: “what can I learn from the forward flow?” & “what can I release and let go of from the times of recession”
  • What will help you to stay in this beautiful rhythm?

If you’re feeling bored, picture a child in a canoe who looks at the inside of the boat and says “I’m bored” & dad says ” you can talk to the people who are here with you or look up, enjoy the nature around you – the fish, the turtles.”

  • You might be seeking sources for distraction such as social media, food and body image, or online shopping.
  • Ask yourself: “what am I not seeing?” & “what do I already have that I can be grateful for?” Can you create something new? Network/connect with others?
  • What do you need in order to feel excited for life again?


After enjoying a morning filled with canoeing at Frontenac Outfitters, and swimming to cool off after lunch, there was no better way to end the day than stopping by Limestone Organic Creamery to partake in the festivities to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! This stop included ice cream of course – pictured below are the Chocolate Mousse & Raspberry Belgian Chocolate flavours because I couldn’t decided which one I wanted, so I got both!

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