Sex, Mindfulness, Attachment Styles, Overwhelm, and More!

Here’s what’s new on the podcast so far this month!

It was great to chat with Irene about how we can bring more sensuality and connection into our lives.
I hope that you enjoy this mindfulness practice and that you gain some clarity and feel more connected to yourself.
Relationships can be an incredible vehicle for change, growth, and exploration!
Had a wonderful time interviewing my mom on her experiences with managing stress and a never ending to-do list.

Stay tuned for more episodes! Coming up, I will be highlighting a 4 part series on Co-Dependency as it pertains to 1) your health and body image, 2) your work, 3) your family, and 4) your friendships and romantic relationships. I will also be releasing my upcoming interviews with, @annatheanxietycoach, a mind-body centered counsellor, and @jen_larimore, host of the Mom First Podcast!

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