4 Skills Kids Have That Adults Have Forgotten

In my experience, if something is bugging you, then you probably need to dive a little deeper and learn from it While skating last night it became evident to me that the adult to child ratio was like 1:3, I felt annoyed but couldn’t figure out why because I love seeing parents get their kids outdoors, moving, active, & spending quality time together.

I do know that usually, if you’re stressed, annoyed, or frustrated, I’ve learned that this can be a good opportunity to learn some sort of lesson Example: if you’re envious of someone on social media, it can mean that they have something that you want AND you don’t think that you can have it. Because, if you did think that you could have it, then you’d feel inspired and motivated- not jealous.
So as I skated I reflected, why am I annoyed at the lively energy of these families? (Just call me Scrooge ok?!)

HERE’S WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what kids do that adults shy away from:

  1. They FALL (fail) down on the ice and get right back up (resilience). Sometimes they would even LAUGH after falling, AND sometimes they would even fall ON PURPOSE As an adult, how many times do we try something just for fun, without fear of failure or worries about what others might think?!
  2. They TAKE BREAKS/REST when needed, sometimes by completely stepping away from the situation (sitting on the bench), and sometimes just by pausing where they are before resuming the activityAs an adult, how often do we take breaks intuitively? Or do we just keep pushing on until burnout??
  3. They do not follow what EVERYONE ELSE is doing. While I rigidly skated in one direction around the rink, the kids stopped often, hung out in the middle of the ice, changed directions & played in the snow that covered the surface As an adult, how often do we just do our own thing without comparing ourselves to others or by sticking to the expectations of what we ‘should’ be doing??
  4. They ASK for HELP & SUPPORT. A young girl asked her dad to tie her skates and then asked her friends to help walk her onto the ice. Her friend gave her helpful advice and said “walk in a v shape so you don’t slip” and she listened to her friendAs an adult when was the last time you asked for help? From more than one person who loves & supports you?? When was the last time that we listened to the advice and wisdom of others and implemented it in our lives?

So, I think my annoyance was actually envy and sadness, where have those skills gone for me, for us, as adults?! We need to access these DAILY. If we did, I think that we would have endless ENERGY, a sense of GRATITUDE, & HOPE that anything is possible – A child-like outlook on the world

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