Normalizing Bodies: A Poem by Bria

They grow, they shrink, they burp, they fart but hold up girl, your body is a work of art.

You carried that baby. You ran that race. Who cares about the pimple on your face.

Your breath may smell, and same with your pits, sometimes, you might even get the shits.

Your thighs may chafe, your belly may bloat, your breasts may not be perky enough to motorboat.

Your vagina may queef, and your booty may toot, but if you ask me- there’s nothing like a good poop.

So girlfriend, May your upper lip be hairy, even if it’s scary! May you be reminded by your scars that you’ve already come this far!

Bless your birthmarks, skin tags, and skin sags – be thankful that you’re still able to carry grocery bags!

Give gratitude for all that your body is, and know that it’s no one else’s biz!

Just be you! xoxo- B

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