Are you shrinking yourself?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the oppression of women and their bodies. I think that everyone in Western culture struggles with body image. Period.

And, as women and womxn identifying individuals, there are lingering pressures to fit the ‘thin ideal’. Everyone is different, I can tell you that for certain – so it’s likely that for some, being thin is natural, while for others it requires a great deal of work, sacrifice, and discomfort. We are social beings who don’t want to be ostracized, left out, or shamed. So, if ‘thin’ continues to be upheld in our culture as ‘deserving, worthy, respected, loved’ then we will continue to struggle to fit into this small box.

Suppressing your natural body weight also suppresses:

Your creativity
Your patience
Your pleasure
Your freedom
Your curiosity
Your time
Your attention
Your metabolism
Your appetite (for food, culture, sex, connection, etc.)
Your joy
Your presence
Your healing and repair
Your immune system
Your focus
Your trust
Your cognitive functioning
Your authenticity

How many times a week, a month – do you spend trying to shrink your body? Tell me below – I want to know and I want to empower you to show up fully in your life, as you are, no matter what.

So why shrink? Why continue to suppress? Why continue to play it small? When you were born to show up big, fierce, alive, fully, in our power, take up space. You are worthy because you are. Stop playing it small in your life, relationships, & career. Show up fully as yourself & fully participate in your life. Step into your power, because you deserve it. YOU LITERALLY GET ONE SHOT. That’s it.

On average, how much time do you spend trying to shrink your body(required)

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