Mental & Spiritual Gym

How are you putting in your reps? Yes that’s right, REPETITION for mental and spiritual fitness. It’s not just your body that needs TLC, it’s all connected. What I find interesting is how many of us know that it’s important to have a regular movement routine or workout schedule; however we fail to hold the same space for out mental and spiritual practices. We think “This is great! I meditated for 15 minutes last Monday so I’m good for the rest of the month.” BUT my perspective is – would you ever say that about your fitness regimen? Heck no. Just like you wouldn’t go for a 15 minute walk and then do absolutely no other movement practice over the course of the month. Just like the importance of brushing your teeth everyday and showering/bathing regularly – the mind and body are connected and we must make an effort to maintain a well oiled, well cared for vessel.

Here are some ways that you can practice mental & spiritual development, daily.

  • Meditation (on your own or guided through video or audio – many apps for this or YouTube)
  • Stillness practice – simply sitting or laying down, listening to soothing music or quiet
  • Self-help books for reading or workbooks
  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Outdoors/nature
  • Gardening
  • Nourishment – whatever this means to you – enjoying foods, sight seeing, social time, time with your pets – just nourish your soul regularly
  • Express yourself – write, journal, talk
  • Set your goals and intentions – for short and long-term
  • Invest in yourself – courses, therapy, coaching, massage, Reiki, energetic work, yoga, float spa, etc. whatever makes you feel whole

These are just some ideas of things that you can do EVERY SINGLE DAY. Multiple times a day in order to get your reps in. I know that we’re busy and that our lives can be chaotic sometimes if not all the time. If you commit to a spiritual and mental practice for yourself – no matter the length of time (it could be 5 min 3 times per week) this will help you to become resilient and better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. The importance that I’m trying to get at is the frequency at which you practice – it’s important to build a habit and a routine so that our minds look forward to the safety, sanctuary, and quiet of these practices.

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