Bell Let’s Talk: Body Image

As a personal trainer, I have heard some horrible things that women say about their bodies. What’s worse? I know that the things you’re willing to say out loud aren’t half as bad as the demeaning, sabotaging, degrading, and punishing thoughts going through your head.

My mission through Bodies by B is to create a community where women can learn to build an active and sustainable lifestyle. What this means to me is finding a balance of regular movement and activity, incorporated with periods of rest and recovery, and paired with healthy eating behaviours without extreme dieting. I believe in making fitness fun so that you look forward to your workout routine.

As someone who has personally struggled and continues to struggle with societal pressures and carrying the burden of comparison and beauty standards of the way that women are “supposed” to look, I’ve done my fair share of research and practice – and continue to do so, so I want to share some resources with you – take a look below and send me an email of reach out to me on Instagram @bbodiesygk to let me know if you found this helpful. This is simply for education purposes and is not a substitute for assistance from a medical professional. If you’re struggling with disordered eating, disordered exercising, or any related concerns with body image, seek guidance from your family doctor, therapist, counsellor, or other licensed professional immediately. Also know that struggle and suffering do not look a certain way and if you feel that help with something that you need, you are worthy of advocating for your needs.

Here are 6 fantastic resources

  1. I’m currently reading this book about emotional eating, binge eating, and body acceptance and I listen to the author’s podcast, Samantha Skelly, on Apple podcasts. I love everything about her work! Click here to access the book on Amazon.
  2. If you’re interested in learning about intuitive eating through a workbook, Evelyn Tribole, MS RDN & Elyse Resch MS RDN are experts in this area.Click here to access the workbook on Amazon.
  3. Here’s a link to the Bell Let’s Talk website with applicable tips on managing stress and mental health and for helping yourself & your loved ones. Click here to access the website.
  4. This book will be released on the link below April 1, 2021. I follow both of the authors (Colleen Reichmann, PSYD & Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C) on Instagram and their content, respectively, is wonderful so I bet the book will be a wealth of knowledge and support. Click here to access the book on Amazon.
  5. This book will be released on the link below April 6, 2021. I follow the author, Chessie King, on Instagram and she is amazing, hilarious, and I find her very inspirational. Click here to access the book on Amazon.
  6. At Bodies by B, we are here to support you on your health and wellness journey, if you’re ready to join our amazing team of women. Click here to access 1-on-1 personal training services.

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