Blog Post: 4 pieces of fitness equipment that you need to get for your at home workouts

Running our of ideas for at home workouts? Looking for new equipment? Buying workout gear for your first time? Searching for available equipment during the pandemic? Here are 4 of my favourite pieces of equipment that are well-priced, available online, delivered to your home, and that you can incorporate into any workout!

  1. Ankle weights – these are great for working your legs, abs, and for adding some extra intensity to your cardio routine. Grab some ankle weights and just try even walking up and down your stairs for 10-15 minutes or laying on your back and doing some hip adductors. Ankle weights are fantastic and there are so many different ways to use them. Hop on over to my Instagram and send me a message if you have any questions about exercises that you can do safely with ankle weights. Check out the link below to grab a pair of ankle weights and have them delivered to your door.

2. Mini trampoline – I LOVE my mini trampoline, I bought it so that I could make sure that I was getting my cardio in during the Winter months. It’s also super fun and I love turning on some music and just jumping to the beat or watching a YouTube video instructor on what moves to do. I bought mine through Walmart and the brand is Everlast, it feels very sturdy and safe. Here is a link to a different mini trampoline that you can purchase through Amazon and this one comes with resistance bands. Wishing you fun and safe bouncing!

OR – check out this one, it’s a couple inches bigger and has a handrail.

3. Workout Bench – My workout bench is easily one of my favourite pieces of equipment. I use it for it for stepping up onto and strengthening my legs, as well as bulgarian split squats. I use it for holding onto during ab exercises, and I use it for all kinds of arm exercises such as bench press, single arm row, and triceps extensions. There are SOOOO many ways to incorporate a bench into your workout and I highly recommend making a bench a part of your at home workout gear.

4. Last but certainly not least – Stability Ball – A stability ball can help you work on your form for squats, strengthen your core, and can even be used for your cardio routine. I use my stability ball regularly and am always coming up with ideas to incorporate it in beginner, intermediate, AND advanced workouts.

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