Fitness Services Testimonial

“Before Bria, I was struggling to find the motivation to workout. I had gotten out of the habit and it had been at least 6 months of lazing around my house and avoiding workouts completely. Then a friend of mine suggested I join her for partner training and I became hooked! Bria is so motivating and completely supports your goals at all times. She talks to you and makes sure she knows exactly what you want to get out of her programs (and works very hard to ensure you get everything you want). Bria pushes you when you need to pushed, and she constantly provides feedback! Since joining Bria, I now workout every single day. Most of these days, I actually use things that she has taught me. I had no idea how much I could do at home simply in front of the TV at night. Thanks to Bria, I remember how much working out makes me feel good about myself! I can’t wait for the new programs to start in January!!”

-Taylor C

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