Fitness Services Testimonial

Something I have always struggled with in regards to my fitness and health is commitment and motivation. I typically will stick with an exercise schedule for a couple weeks or a couple months then completely “fall off the bandwagon” as they say! The same goes for maintaining a healthy diet. Working with Bria has helped me to quit making excuses as to why I can’t workout as I have made the  appointment with Bria. Bria is excellent at helping you stay motivated throughout the entire workout! 

In the three months I have been working out with Bria I have learned that I actually enjoy fitness, which I never ever thought I would say! I took about a two week break and couldn’t wait to start my next round of sessions! I have gained so much more confidence when it comes to my fitness level, as someone who is not super physically fit and overweight I would tend to shy away from going to  the gym or fitness classes as I was embarrassed. The last three months have changed my outlook on myself and my body, now I feel like I can walk into a gym and confidently complete a circuit without feeling embarrassed. 

– Megan H.

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